SW18 Currently One of UK's Worst Areas for Postal Delivery

Royal Mail identifies postcode as being particularly affected by Covid-19

Picture: © Jaggery

The SW!8 postcode area has been identified by the Royal Mail as one of 28 areas across the country likely to experience postal delays.

The service has been struggling to cope with increased demand partly due to a rise in online shopping and the coronavirus meaning a significant proportion of staff are self-isolating.

Some post has been delayed for over a month. Of the area most severely affected along with Wandsworth, 27 are in England and one in Northern Ireland.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said, “All Royal Mail operational sites across the UK, are working hard to deliver the most comprehensive service we can to all our customers in challenging circumstances.

“In common with most organisations, we have a number of employees who are self-isolating in line with official regulations.

“This has a direct impact on our staffing levels. Deliveries are being made every day and we are working hard to deliver as normal service as we can, drawing in extra resource where possible.

“Despite our best endeavours, some areas of the country may experience a temporary reduction in service levels due to unavoidable staff absences and essential social distancing measures.”

The service says it is working hard to get back to a normal service and thanked customers who have expressed understanding of the challenges it currently faced, adding, “We appreciate their patience while we continue to run as normal service as we can. We always endeavour to keep our customers updated on any changes to our services.

“We have a dedicated section on our website. “

Elderly residents have raised concerns that they may be missing out on letters informing them of the availability of the coronavirus vaccine.

January 20, 2021