Struggling To Provide For Your Pet During Coronavirus?

Foodbank and the RSPCA have teamed up to provide help

Two local RSPCA branches have come to an arrangement with their local Foodbank to help provide a regular supply of pet food to vulnerable owners during the Coronavirus outbreak.

RSPCA Wimbledon, Wandsworth & Sutton Branch, as well as the RSPCA Balham & Tooting Branch, have formed an RSPCA Pet Foodbank team. They will deliver pet food to those who need it and are calling on supporters to help fund the initiative. If any local pet owners are concerned that they may not be able to provide pet food if they become sick and need to self-isolate, cannot afford to buy pet food, or if there are on-going food shortages.

Over one million people have applied for Universal Credit since the Covid-19 lockdown began, and the RSPCA understands that people may be worried about continuing to care for their much-loved pets. By providing people with pet food, the local branches hope they can do their bit to help keep residents with their pets through this difficult time.

Ali Hellewell, RSPCA Trustee, Wimbledon, Wandsworth & Sutton Branch, said: “We know that this is a challenging time for everyone and that some pet owners are extremely worried about continuing to care for their pets through the Covid-19 crisis.

“We hope to ease some of that pressure by teaming up with the Wimbledon Foodbank to provide pet food for the pet owners who are most in need. Even in the midst of a pandemic we are a nation of animal lovers and the Foodbank has seen people in difficult times who have chosen to feed their pets over feeding themselves, which shows why this service is so important.

“We cannot do this alone, however, which is why we are asking animal lovers to donate to help us get pet food to those who need it the most.”

If you can support the RSPCA Pet Foodbank team visit this page.

If you need help with providing for your pet, let the Pet Foodbank know here.

Ali added: “The branches have already received generous donations of pet food from Pets at Home and we are in discussions with other businesses as well… with a view to expanding in various locations beyond South London over the next few weeks.”

May 20, 2020