St John's Ambulance are Recruiting in Southfields

Looking for new adult and youth members in the neighbourhood

St John's Ambulance are Recruiting in Southfields

December 31, 2019

You may already be aware of the St John's Ambulance (SJA) youth groups in the local area in Southfields on Mondays and Putney on Thursdays. The groups ar elooking for new recruits for both the youth and the adult sections.

First aid will be part of the national curriculum from next September, this gives students a chance to get a head start and gain a better understanding of skills needed to help save a life. This is particularly useful for those planning to apply for medicine or healthcare related courses at university, as well as those who need to fulfil volunteering requirements of the International Baccalaureate or the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

SJA are looking to recruit adult volunteers aged 18 or over, as youth leaders. This is to ensure that they can meet a safe adult to student ratio to enable them to take part in practical activities.

The adult youth work varies. They meet for around two hours a week during term time; adults are not expected to attend every week, and even support once a month would be appreciated. Adults can participate as much or as little as they would like. Some adults might like to actively participate in activities or deliver training themselves, whereas others might prefer to supervise young people who are leading sessions or monitor practical sessions.

Adults who wish to become more involved in SJA can elect to take part in formal training to become a qualified first aider. Usually this training takes place on weekends to accommodate adults who work during the week. Adults first aiders can attend events from Chelsea to Twickenham rugby or even the British Summertime Concerts or London Marathon.

Young people are aged 10-18. They take part in a huge range of activities, including first aid training, sports and games, events and trips. SJA offer a huge range of training courses, from first aid to fire marshal, to peer education and cadet leadership. We also run a Grand Prior Award program.

Cadets aged 13 or over are able to attend weekend training courses in order to become qualified first aiders. These cadets are then able to provide first aid at events ranging from London Marathon to Chelsea.

First Aid Topics
• Chest pain
• Using a defibrillator
• Recovery position
• Burns
• Choking
• Asthma
• Fainting and shock
• Poisons
• Abdominal pain
• Hot and Cold extremes
• Diabetes
• Head injuries
• Seizures
• Stroke
• Sprains, strains and fractures
• Spinal injuries
• Bleeding
• Babies and children
• Meningitis
• Electric shock

Non First Aid activities
• Cadet Demonstrator
• Drill
• Drugs and alcohol
• Fundraising
• Casualty simulation
• Duke of Edinburgh
• Sports
• Radio communication

Events and Activities Some events and activities offered at local units this year include:
• Weekend and school holiday first aid courses
• Demonstrator, Fire Marshal, Cadet Leadership, Radio Controller
• Grand Prior Award Scheme
• Training first aid to other young people
• Mass casualty simulation days
• Summer camp in the New Forest
• Stadiums – Chelsea, Twickenham, Arsenal, QPR, West Ham
• London Marathon, London Pride, New Year’s Day Parade
• Trips to the park, social events, Nandos
• Trips to local university including Roehampton, Imperial College and UCL.

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