Take Part in the River Wandle Cleanup

Volunteers sought to remove rubbish from the river

November 6, 2019

You are invited to join a team of friendly volunteers to find and remove rubbish from the Wandle this Sunday (10 November).

The initiative is taking place from 11am to 3pm. Head to King Georges Park in Wandsworth where you will find the Wandle Trust tent set up by the footbridge at the end of Lydden Road.

Safety is extremely important to the organisers and they will strive to run safe and enjoyable events for all. The event will start with a Welcome Talk and Health & Safety Briefing.

These are their list of do's and don'ts for the day:

Do wear protective gloves at all times.
Do wash your hands before you eat, drink or smoke.
Do take your time accessing the river. You may have to use a ladder to get into the water, and walk down a steep bank.
Do be careful when wading, walk slowly, watch out for tripping hazards.
Do watch out for deeper areas, use your litter pick to test depth.
Do come prepared for the weather (appropriate clothing, suncream, drinking water).
Do alert a Supervisor if you hurt yourself.
Do be aware of other users on the Wandle Trail, and nearby roads.

Don’t work alone.
Don’t try and lift heavy items on your own & stand back as items are lifted up the banks.
Don’t throw any tools or rubbish as there may be people walking nearby who you are unaware of.
Don’t splash each other or yourself while working.
Don’t dig around under the water with your hands - use the litter pickers provided and the tools like the wrecking bar.
Don’t throw the tools or bits of rubbish to each other, pass these by hand to protect those around you.
Don’t keep sharps, such as needles, in your trug. Alert a Supervisor!
Don’t go above waist depth, stay wading in areas you are comfortable with.

This event is being supported by the Thames Water Community Fund.