Battersea Green Party Candidate Makes Brexit Pledge

Lois Davis says voters would be given final say on leaving the EU

The Green Party candidate for the Battersea constituency is highlighting her party’s new pledge on Brexit. Their local candidate Lois Davis said, “A Green vote on 8 June will offer the people of Wandsworth the chance to stay part of the EU.”

The Greens have pledged to give voters a final say on any Brexit agreement, with the chance to stay in the EU if they don’t like the deal the government negotiates. The Green Party would hold a second referendum on Brexit once the terms of a deal have been agreed with the EU. The referendum will give the public two choices: stick with what we have or sign up to the deal on offer. A Green referendum would also give 16 and 17 year olds the vote.

Lois Davis (right) out campaigning

Ms Davis said, “The EU is good for environmental protection, good for the future opportunities of our young people and good for a resilient, diverse economy. A Green vote on 8 June will offer the people of Wandsworth the chance to stay part of the EU.

“'I've been talking to voters on the doorstep over the weekend and there is a strong sense of anger in Battersea. Although 75% of the people in Wandsworth voted to remain in the referendum our representative in Parliament voted in favour of article 50 which triggered Brexit.”

She will be contesting the seat currently held by Jane Ellison for the Conservatives.

Caroline Lucas, Green Party co-leader, said, “A democracy worthy of the name must mean people having a real say over the major decisions that affect their lives. That’s why the Green Party has consistently said that the referendum should be the start, not the end, of the democratic process. And it’s why we are announcing our intention to push for remaining in the EU to be an option in a ratification referendum.”

General Election 2015: Battersea
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Jane Ellison 26,730 52.4 +5.0
Labour Will Martindale  18,792 36.8 +1.7
Liberal Democrat Luke Taylor 2,241 4.4 -10.3
Green Joe Stuart 1,682 3.3 +2.2
UKIP Christopher Howe 1,586 3.1 +2.1
Majority 7,938 15.6 +3.4
Turnout 51,031 67.0 +1.3
Conservative hold Swing +1.6

May 9, 2017