'Mis-Shapes' At The Pump House Gallery

Take part in transforming the venue's Project Space into an editing suite

'Mis-Shapes' At The Pump House Gallery

Alongside the exhibition Labour’s Own Sounding Ideal, an on-going research project by Anneke Kampman, Battersea Park's Pump House Gallery is working with artist and illustrator Amy Pennington to transform the Project Space into an ‘editing suite’, being used to investigate how popular culture shapes and recycles stereotypes.

Taking the archetypal narratives displayed in music videos as a starting point, the project explores the performance of stereotypical images, questioning how identity is constructed and the roles we all perform.

Residents are invited to drop in to the gallery’s Project Space as artists create a bank of words and pool of images of stereotypical profiles, places and phrases that can then be collected, changed and moved around to create new, more accurate and complex characterisations.

'Mis-Shapes' At The Pump House Gallery

Visitors are welcome to drop in to the gallery’s Project Space at any time during exhibition hours. Additionally, families are welcome to come and take part in free workshops on 10 and 24 March, 12 – 4pm.

This is a FREE activity. No booking is required.


February 27, 2019