Injunction to Stop Raves on Southfields Estate Extended

Court grants council extra powers around Edgecombe Hall

Edgecombe Hall estate. Picture: Steve Cadman

Wandsworth Council have obtained an extension of a High Court injunction to stop gatherings in or around the Edgecombe Hall Estate in Southfields.

The order, which was first implemented in July of last year, forbids anyone from organising or attending unlicensed music events or raves with amplified music as well as congregating in the estate and causing a nuisance.

Anyone not complying with the injunction risks a fine, seizure of assets or imprisonment.

The orders gives the council powers above and beyond those available to the police under coronavirus legislation.

Area where the restriction applies

Anthony Metzer QC agreed to the council’s request to extend existing restrictions having been convinced that further disorder would result if they were allow to lapse. A witness statement by the estate manager was submitted with the request.

A further review of the injunction is due to take place on 13 September.



March 16, 2021