£140,000 Worth of Fines Issued at New Junction Restriction

Council send out more than 2,000 PCNs for banned left turn in Earlsfield

Junction of Kimber Road and Twilley Street. Picture: Google Streetview

Wandsworth Council has issued over 2,000 penalty charge notices (PCNs) from a single newly banned left turn since the restriction was introduced in July.

The junction between Kimber Road and Twilley Street, in Earlsfield, has been used for many years as an alternative to turning left at the traffic lights on Garratt Lane. However, as part of the road changes this turning has been banned

Independent Wandsworth councillor Malcolm Grimston discovered that fines of at least £140,000 had been issued from 6 July to 1 September

Councillor Grimston said, “Even if all the motorists paid the reduced fee of £65 this is over £140,000 taken from residents at a time when many people are struggling. Many people will welcome some of the road changes but this is simply a rip-off. 2,190 motorists do not all deliberately ignore instructions like this – the signage is simply inadequate. Wandsworth claims the changes were not simply to raise money but this makes you wonder.”

Councillor Grimston’s represents West Hill ward which covers Southfields and Wimbledon Parkside and was alerted to the issue after a number of his constituents complained.

He added, “If it was affecting people from well over a mile away it was obviously going to be a widespread issue but I was staggered that literally thousands of people have been caught out. I am calling on the Council to refund these charges and look again at this junction; it is not a ratrun but a perfectly normal very short route to take when heading from Southfields to Wandsworth Town.”

A council spokesperson said, “This change was introduced at the beginning of July with drivers given plenty of advance warning with a number of signs indicating this manoeuvre Is no longer permitted for safety reasons. These are standard road signs, the same as everywhere up and down the country, published in the Highway Code, approved by the Department of Transport and prominently sited on the approach to this junction. It is of course hugely important for safety reasons that motorists pay proper attention to all road signs and signals and observe the rules of the road.”

September 11, 2020