Garratt Lane Set To Become More Environmentally Friendly

Earlsfield Councillors’ campaign for traffic calming and a greener environment pays off

Garratt Lane Set To Become More Environmentally Friendly
Garratt Lane

Rat-running, vehicle speeds and a lack of street trees have all been identified by Wandsworth councillors as counter-productive to an eco-friendly environment on Garratt Lane, the arterial road that cuts through Earlsfield.

The Wandsworth Society, which monitors changes to key local buildings and infrastructure, last week reported that councillors are backing proposals to reduce vehicle speeds, encourage cycling and improve conditions for pedestrians in Earlsfield: “As well as new cycle lanes, more trees and the introduction of ‘parklets’ and other small green parcels at various locations, the blueprint calls for a 20mph zone along the whole length of Garratt Lane, plus the creation of four Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.”

Two local councillors in particular, Cllr Graeme Henderson and Cllr Jo Rigby have been calling for a greening-up of the Garratt Lane environment with a reduction in the dominance of petrol and diesel traffic. Cllr Henderson told this website: “Cllr Jo Rigby and I have been campaigning since our election to turn Garratt Lane, which runs through Earlsfield Ward, into a much safer and healthier environment for residents, pedestrians, cyclists and children.

“It is a busy road that has been given over to traffic. We want to provide a much calmer and greener environment with proper cycle lanes, more pedestrian crossings, more trees and pocket parks. This will encourage fewer short car journeys and more walking and cycling which will be good for everyone’s health and the environment.”

As many as 20,000 vehicles a day travel along Garratt Lane, and the proposals will now be the subject of further detailed investigation by the Council with a potential £5million earmarked for infrastructure investment.

The Council's transport spokesman Cllr Paul Ellis said: “Garratt Lane is a vibrant and busy commercial thoroughfare… We want to make it a safer, quieter and better place to visit and to travel along and help to persuade people to make the switch from using cars to walking and cycling.”

Other features of the plan include safer crossing points, improved lighting and new seating, while ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhoods’ could be introduced.

The proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhoods would be:
• North Garratt Lane - bordered by the A3 to the north, the railway line to the south and Trinity Road to the east
• Wandsworth Cemetery - bordered by Magdalen Road to the north, Burntwood Lane to the south, and Openview plus Springfield Hospital to the east
• Aboyne Road - bordered by Burntwood Lane to the north and Streatham Cemetery to the south
• Streatham Cemetery: bordered by the cemetery to the north, Tooting High Street to the south and Hepdon Road to the east.

A copy of the detailed Garratt Lane corridor study can be found here.

February 20, 2020