Wards in SW18 Area Hold Key to Control of Wandsworth

Election winner likely to be determined by votes in West Hill and Southfields

With just a few days to go before the election the bookies are now making Labour slight favourites to win control of Wandsworth borough council. Ladbrokes are quoting them as 10/11 on to end 40 years of Conservative rule.

However, they still regard the result as a close call with the Tories rated as an even bet.This tight a race means that the winner is likely to be determined by a few hundred votes either way in key battleground wards. Some of these wards are partly or wholly in the SW18 post code area. Assuming a uniform swing from 2014 if Labour win two seats in Southfield ward they will have control of the Council.

We have looked in more detail at the wards that are likely to be decisive in determining the result so you can see what is at stake when deciding how to vote. If you are not sure which ward you will be voting in Wandsworth Council has an online map on which you can enter your post code to find out.

The target number of seats for Labour to win is 12 which they could achieve by making gains in wards in the Wandsworth Town area such as West Hill and Southfields as well as around Battersea in Queenstown Road and St Mary's Park (Latchmere). These are areas in which the Labour party made significant gains during the 2017 General Election and a repetition of those results could deliver them victory.

However, London wide polls conducted so far suggest that the swing to Labour is not sufficient to gain control of Wandsworth although these were not done specifically in the borough.

Another unpredictable factor is how EU citizens will choose to use their votes. All of the key wards have a significant proportion of their local populations from other EU countries and this is possibly the last time they will be able to vote in a local election. Collectively number more that the total votes gained by the winning candidates in each ward during the last election so they could have a decisive impact on the result. Wandsworth Council have confirmed to us that at least 26,000 EU citizens are registered and eligible to vote in the borough on 3 May although we don't have the breakdown on a ward by ward basis.

West Hill

This ward is a key battleground in the borough with Labour needing to win at least two of three three seats if they are to gain control of the Council (assuming a uniform swing). Of the three councillors who currently represent the ward, two are not standing for re-election and one, Malcolm Grimston is running as an independent. There is no UKIP candidate standing this time and two rather than one Green which may tend to split the opposition vote. Even so, it would be a huge disappointment for Labour not to take some of the seats. It has a relatively young population with a median age of 32 and one of the highest proportion of EU citizens from other countries at 17.8% according to the 2011 census.

Nominated Candidates - West Hill
Terence Gibbin [Terry] Brown Green
Peter Jon Carpenter Labour
Eleanor Mary Doody Liberal Democrats
Malcolm Charles Grimston Independent
Nobuco Hara Labour
Andrew Charles Hinton Liberal Democrats
Robert Daniel Hughes Conservative
Angela Mary Ireland Labour
Linda Maria Joy Liberal Democrats
Salvatore Murtas Conservative
Alison Dawne Rodwell Conservative
Penny Bianca Staniaszek Green

West Hill Ward Election Result 2014 - Conservative Hold
Candidate Party Votes
CUFF, Nicholas Richard Conservative 2138
GRIMSTON, Malcolm Charles Conservative 1880
PETERKIN, Andrew Edward Conservative 1810
All the above elected as Councillors
IRELAND, Angela Mary Labour 1420
KHAN, Basheer Ul Haq Labour 1413
GALLAGHER, Stephen John Labour 1256
SOKOLOWSKI, Tomasz Green Party 625
DEVONS, Catherine Stone Liberal Democrats 519
VAN RANDWYCK, Hugo Alexander UKIP 388
TYLER, Bernard John Croxon Liberal Democrats 331
WARD, Christopher Richard Liberal Democrats 253
Electorate: 12,161 Ballot Papers Issued: 4,549 Turnout: 37.41%


The result in this ward is likely to have a major influence on who controls the Council after the election. Assuming a uniform swing, the capture of the second seat in this ward from the Conservatives would be the one needed for an overall majority. This would require a swing of 9.5% The three sitting councillors are running again as well as an extra Green candidate compared to last time and one from the pro-Remain party Renew. There is also a UKIP candidate in this ward but no independent as there was last time. With a median age of 33 and 12.8% of residents holding a passport from another EU country this ward is shaping up to be very closely fought.

Nominated Candidates - Southfields
Nicola Joanna Blair Renew
Sheila Mary Boswell Labour
Kim Caddy Conservative
Pappathi Durai-Bates Liberal Democrats
Benjamin Joseph Fletcher Green
Guy David Price Griffith Labour
Lauren Jayne Harris Green
Guy Derek Ralph Humphries Conservative
Duncan James Anton Lyons Liberal Democrats
Sam Alex Nicholas Labour
Terence Michael Walsh Conservative
Patricia Mary Ward UKIP
Susan Jane Wixley Liberal Democrats

Southfields Ward Election Result 2014 - Conservative Hold
Candidate Party Votes


Conservative 2302

HUMPHRIES, Guy Derek Ralph

Conservative 2291

WALSH, Terence Michael

Conservative 2172
All the above elected as Councillors
TATTUM, Ian Stuart Labour 1394
BOOKER, Maureen Dorothy Labour 1328
MARTIN, Elizabeth Labour 1252
RICHMAN, Robert James Independent 1106
HUNTER, Connie Anne Green Party 773
GRIFFIN-BEALE, Lucy Jane Liberal Democrats 460
AHMED, Anna Maria Louise Liberal Democrats 443
BROWN, Hugh Palmer Liberal Democrats 300
Electorate: 12,752 Ballot Papers Issued: 5,057 Turnout: 39.66%


Fairfield Ward

This is the central ward of Wandsworth which includes Wandsworth High Street, Old York Road and the Town Hall. The ward runs from Mexfield Road in the west, to Plough Road near Clapham Junction in the east, and from the River Thames to the west of Wandsworth Bridge in the north, to Allfarthing Lane to the east of Garratt Lane in the south.

The most vulnerable seat in this ward could be won by Labour with a swing of just over 10% This will be challenging as last time out a UKIP candidate stood in the ward and this time

Nominated Candidates - 3 May 2018
Candidate Party
Juliana Agoe Kalley Annan Labour Party
David Richard Carlyon Green Party
George Hilton Renew
Lynne Teresa Jackson Labour
Ian Jewesbury Labour
Piers Conolly McCausland Conservative
Rory Patrick O`Broin Conservative
David Patterson Liberal Democrats
Paul Howard Scaping Liberal Democrats
William Henry Etienne Sweet Conservative
Patrick Martin Warren Liberal Democrats

Election Result - May 2014

Fairfield Ward - Conservatives Hold
Candidate Party Votes
MCCAUSLAND, Piers Conolly Conservative 1924
SWEET, William Henry Etienne Conservative 1801
THOM, James Stuart Conservative 1752
All the Above Elected
CRESSWELL, Liane Barber Labour 1021
SHARP, Caroline Helen Labour 958
PONSONBY, Frederick Matthew Thomas Labour 925
WATERMAN, Antony John David Green Party 598
WARREN, Patrick Martin Liberal Democrats 374
SCAPING, Paul Howard Liberal Democrats 325
JOHNSTONE, Jacqueline UK Independence Party (UKIP) 271
MCLEAN, Seymour Anthony Independent 171
Electorate: 11,364 Ballot Papers Issued: 3617 Turnout: 31.83%


Wandsworth Common

This is one of the Conservative's safest seats in the borough and based on the results in the last election if they were to lose all three seats in this ward they would be totally unrepresented on the Council.

Nominated Candidates - Local Election 3 May 2018
Candidate Party
Eileen Riley Arms Liberal Democrats
Rosemary Jean Birchall Conservative
Peter Blowes Labour
Adrian John Flook Conservative
Peter Timothy Graham Conservative
Simon James Hudd Green Party
Marium Irfan Labour
Caroline Ogden Liberal Democrats
Simon Anthony Sharich Liberal Democrats
Mathilda Elizabeth Tong Labour

Election Result - May 2014

Wandsworth Common Ward - Conservatives Hold
Candidate Party Votes
CLAY, Claire Elizabeth Conservative 2598
HEASTER, Maurice Adrian Sylvester Conservative 2396
TRACEY, Katharine Rosalie Conservative 2313
All the Above Elected
MURDAY, Sophia Juliet Labour 916
METCALF, Richard John Labour 903
CUNNINGHAM, Kieran Philip Labour 875
SCHWARZ, Michael Robert Green Party 574
JOHN-RICHARDS, Susan Liberal Democrats 404
PASLEY-TYLER, Robert UK Independence Party (UKIP) 327
Electorate: 10,658 Ballot Papers Issued: 4173 Turnout: 39.2%


Earlsfield Ward

Labour have to win the two seats in this ward they didn't gain during the last election. They only need a 5.1% swing to do so, which would mean failing to achieve a clean sweep here would be a huge disappointment.

Nominated Candidates - Local Election 3 May 2018
Candidate Party
David Laurent Chapireau Liberal Democrats
Paul Edgeworth Liberal Democrats
Glyn Kerry Goodwin Green Party
Angela Graham Conservative
Graeme Paul Henderson Labour
Russell Philip Henley Liberal Democrats
James Eric Jeffreys Conservative
Alan Joseph McDonald Labour
Vanessa Anne Mieville Green Party
Lewis Mark Preston Conservative
Joanne Louise Rigby Labour

Election Result May 2014

Earlsfield Ward - Labour gain 1 seat
Candidate Party Votes
KNOWLES, Adrian Carey Conservative 2164
LESCOTT, Charles Andrew Conservative 2089
STOKES, Rachael Elizabeth Labour 1877
All the Above Elected
MAZUMDAR, Sarbani Conservative 1817
ROBERTS, Colin Edward Labour 1809
WHITE, Paul John Labour 1672
BUTLER, Ciaran John Green Party 713
HARMSEN, John UK Independence Party (UKIP) 361
DAY, Ashley Craig Liberal Democrats 348
BAILEY, Oliver Alexander Liberal Democrats 329
Electorate: 12,541 Ballot Papers Issued: 4,808 Turnout: 38%

East Putney Ward

East Putney, which contains some parts of the SW18 post code area, would normally be regarded as a safe Conservative ward with one of the seats being held by the leader of the Council, Ravi Govindia. For him to lose his seat there would need to be a 12.6% swing to Labour which would be well above the increase in the vote share they need to take control of the borough. For Labour to take the other two seats in the ward there has to be an even bigger swing of over 16% With no UKIP candidate standing in the seat and one more Green than in 2014 it will be slightly harder for Labour to make gains in this ward.

The ward has a median age of 33 and, as at the 2011 census 13.8% of residents held passports from other EU countries.

Nominated Candidates - East Putney Ward
Finna Jane Ayres Labour
Sarah Jane Louise Binder Conservative
Luigi George [George] Crivelli Conservative
Jonathan Stuart Croall Green Party
Eileen Ann Flanagan Labour
Ravindra Pragji [Ravi] Govindia Conservative
Anita Claire Gray Green Party
Richard John Morris Green Party
Jose Ignacio Rodriguez Andres Liberal Democrats
Hugh Rhys Samuel Labour
John Morris Williams Liberal Democrats
Timothy Guyse Williams Liberal Democrats

East Putney Ward 2014 Result - Conservative Hold
Candidate Party Votes
MCDONNELL, Leslie Francis Conservative 2261
CRIVELLI, Luigi George Conservative 2233
GOVINDIA, Ravindra Pragji Conservative 2134
All the above elected as Councillors
FLANAGAN, Eileen Ann Labour 1050
GIBBONS, Joseph Labour 937
KNOWLES, Robert Labour 858
MORRIS, Richard John Green Party 644
MIUCCI-CASALE, Fernanda Giovanna Liberal Democrats 501
SHOCKET, Godfrey Stuart Liberal Democrats 402
WILLIAMS, John Morris Liberal Democrats 387
WELLS, Mike Byron UKIP 363
Electorate: 12,007 Ballot Papers Issued: 4,294 Turnout: 35.80%


The number of seats that Labour needs to win to oust the Tories is twelve. There are sixty council seats in Wandsworth and Labour currently hold 19 with the Conservatives on 39 (two Councillors having been elected as Conservatives have left the party). Our analysis shows that they would require a swing of over 9% to gain the final seat that they need.

Conservative Held Seats from 2014 Election
Ward (Seat) No. of Votes  Majority Swing Needed
Queenstown Ward 3 1711 33 0.4%
Queenstown Ward 1 1773 123 1.4%
Bedford 2 1895 179 2.0%
Earlsfield 2 2089 280 2.9%
West Hill 3 1810 390 4.3%
Earlsfield 1 2164 492 5.1%
West Hill 2 1880 467 5.1%
Shaftesbury 3 1794 567 7.6%
Southfields 3 2172 778 7.7%
St Mary's Park 3 2030 667 7.7%
St Mary's Park 2 2066 796 9.2%
Southfields 2 2291 963 9.5%
Nightingale 3 1984 795 9.6%
West Hill 1 2138 882 9.7%
Fairfield 3 1752 731 10.1%
Shaftesbury 2 1850 766 10.3%
Southfields 1 2302 1050 10.4%
Nightingale 2 2057 921 11.1%
Balham 3 2041 915 11.5%
Fairfield 2 1801 843 11.7%
St Mary's Park 1 2201 1021 11.8%
Balham 2 2052 957 12.0%
Shaftesbury 1 1932 902 12.1%
East Putney 3 2134 1084 12.6%
Nightingale 1 2122 1063 12.8%
West Putney 3 2221 1155 13.4%
Fairfield 1 1924 999 13.8%
Northcote 3 1984 1096 14.9%
East Putney 2 2233 1296 15.1%
Balham 1 2150 1281 16.1%
East Putney 1 2261 1403 16.3%
West Putney 2 2237 1410 16.4%
Thamesfield 3 2437 1484 16.4%
Wandsworth Common 3 2313 1397 16.7%
Thamesfield 2 2466 1586 17.5%
Wandsworth Common 2 2396 1493 17.9%
West Putney 1 2429 1615 18.8%
Northcote 2 2187 1382 18.8%
Thamesfield 1 2579 1733 19.2%
Northcote 1 2198 1437 19.6%
Wandsworth Common 1 2598 1723 20.6%

The methodology used to derive the figures above is to look at each ward on a seat by seat basis. Each ward has three seats and the top polling Conservative successful candidate in 2014 is compared to the top polling unsuccessful Labour candidate. The process is repeated for the second and third candidates from each party excluding successful Labour candidates from 2014. This gives a vote difference and percentage swing needed for every seat in the ward designated as 1, 2 or 3. For example in a seat with the three Conservative Councillors the third placed Labour candidate from 2014 would need to exceed the vote of the first place Conservative Councillor for seat number ‘1’ to be taken.

The population who were EU passport holders in key battleground wards was as follows:

Ward Percentage of EU Citizens (2011)
West Hill 17.8
St. Mary’s Park 16.6
East Putney 13.8
Southfields 12.8
Fairfield 12.3
Shaftesbury 11.9
Earlsfield 11.3
Balham 11.0
Nightingale 10.0
National Average 6.4
Source: Office of National Statistics





May 2, 2018